Police track down councilor’s muggers

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Investigators of the Bacolod Police Station 2 are still determining the identities of the two men, who allegedly mauled and robbed a councilor of Bago City in a motel in Bacolod City last week.

Police Station 2 commander, P/Captain Paul Vincent Pendon, said that after the recovery of the vehicle of Bago City Councilor Cleo Gaudite on May 28 at Circumferential Road, they are in the process of obtaining the footage of a closed-circuit television of an establishment at 18th Street Lacson, where the victim was flagged down.

Bago City Councilor Cleo Gaudite

Gaudite reported to the police that, at around 3:45PM on May 26, he was driving his red car along Lacson Street near a coffee shop when two unidentified men flagged him down and entered his vehicle. He added that one of the suspects pointed a sharp object at him and ordered him to drive to a motel along Barangay 3.

Gaudite told the police that he was beaten by the suspects in the motel and his vehicle taken, adding that his wallet, containing around P4,000, was in the car. He said he got help from the motel staff.

Pendon said Gaudite told them that he heard one of the culprits calling his companion “Jun”. He described one to be 5 feet and 4 inches, and another 5 feet and 6 inches tall, and both wearing ball caps.

The vehicle is now in the custody of Police Station 2 and clearance is being processed for its release to Gaudite. — MML