Simply, Albee

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As a politician, all information about Alfredo Abelardo “Albee” Benitez is out there on all media platforms.

His family, businesses, allies, and affiliations were dissected. When he entered the political arena, his actions and decisions were scrutinized. Or maybe, even before he did.

Born to a family of politicians and businessmen, Albee was bound to make his own mark in the corporate world and public service. It was just a matter of time for him to make his move.

He learned through gains and setbacks, yields and losses. Competitions, criticisms, and challenges strengthened him.

“I’ll be the change” is the mantra of Albee Benitez

Albee’s accomplishments do not define him. The people, whose lives changed for the better, through his help, do. Services that transform the countryside, health benefits for the indigents, and economic plans, in step with the evolving trends. These trailblazing landmarks are the labels of Albee Benitez as a public servant.

But beyond the changes he initiated in Negros Occidental, particularly in the Third District, Albee’s outlook in life remains simple. To help the more vulnerable and give them access to better services.

Days before year 2021 ended, Albee sat down to answer a set of questions sent by Negros Weekly columnist, Gigi Estrella. His response opened the window wider to his heart and mind.

1. Who is Albee Benitez?

He is an entrepreneur turned public servant.

2. Do you need to be in politics to help?

Everyone can help in their own little way to community. But being in politics it becomes a mandate. So the degree of responsibility becomes greater when you are in politics.

3. What is your main advocacy?

Create greater access to basic services for those who are more vulnerable and reduce politics in governance.

Albee with daughter Bettina, wife Nikki, and son Javi.

4. Out of the numerous cities and municipalities in Negros Occidental, why Bacolod?

I could only say its divine intervention.

5. How do you pick your alliances?

Those who are willing to embrace change, and has a heart for the people.

6. How would you tackle the COVID-19 problem? What would you prioritize?

At this point, vaccination and booster shots should be maximized. The priority now should focus on building the economy.

7. Who is your favorite world leader and why?

Mahatma Gandhi. He employed a new way of bringing change and independence in India.

Albee hopes to replicate the Negros Occidental Comprehensive Health Program in Bacolod City.

8. What is the best Christmas present you can give Bacolod?

Gift of love and caring.

9. Which living person do you admire most?

Jose Mari Chan.

10. What trait you deplore most in yourself? In others?

I can’t say NO to anyone.

11. What is your current state of mind?

Intensely focusing on how to bring a better Bacolod.

Albee interacting with a market vendor and visiting a creek in Bacolod.

12. What is your favorite occupation?

Public service.

13. Who are your heroes in real life?

Those who defend the helpless.

14. What is your motto?

I’ll be the change.

15. What is your New Year’s wish?

May all our wishes come true. – NWI