Salute to our heroes

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For Negrosanons, heroism, as an act done toward the fulfillment of high purpose and noble end, finds a greater substance this week as Negros Occidental commemorates Cinco de Noviembre.

The day recalls that defining moment in 1898 when Negrosanons succeeded in ending centuries of Spanish rule in Negros Occidental through their bloodless uprising. The province marks Nov. 5 as Negros Day by virtue of Republic Act 6709 of 1989, which declared every Nov. 5 as a special non-working holiday in the province.

The Nov. 5 commemoration has provided Negrosanons with a fitting occasion to celebrate the courage, nationalism, heroism and tact Negrosanons demonstrated to put an end to long years of Spanish colonization.

It is the same kind of courage that we see today as the province fights a deadlier enemy, the coronavirus, which has claimed the lives of more than 250 Negrosanons, including residents of Bacolod City, and infected more than 9,500 others.

The morbidity figures have continued to rise, a strong indication that the battle against the unseen adversary demands a firm resolve for every Negrosanons to do his or her duty to protect individuals, families and the community.

As we honor the heroes of the 1898 Negros Revolution, we have also the opportunity to pay tribute to the anti-COVID-19 frontliners – from the medical and other health practitioners, to the law enforcers, the disaster risk reduction personnel, barangay workers and the volunteers who have risked their lives to keep us safe and free from the unseen enemy.

To our heroes – past and present – we salute you for your selflessness, self-sacrifice and solidarity and to keep our province a better healthier and more peaceful. – NWI