New FU nursing extension


Students and faculty of the College of Nursing welcomed the good news of an extension of its building as Foundation University broke ground on March 18, 2024 at the site in the North Campus.

“This is in preparation for the projected increase in enrolment to approximately 2,000 students by the academic year 2025-2026,” revealed Victor Vicente “Dean” G. Sinco, university president who, together with other university officials, guests, and members of the media converged at the ceremony and blessing officiated by Msgr. Julius Perpetuo Heruela, university chaplain.

Most recently, the College of Nursing once again posted a 100 percent passing percentage in the nursing licensure examination, a feat that it has garnered in the last three years.

Jethri Ken Carlo Catalan, dean of the College of Nursing, expressed that the occasion marked a significant milestone in the journey of Foundation University. “It has been a journey dedicated to excellence in education, healthcare, and community service,” he elaborated.

Catalan explained that it is not merely constructing brick and mortar, but laying the foundation for the future of healthcare education and practice. “This building will stand as a testament to our unwavering commitment to nurturing the next generation of compassionate caregivers, innovative researchers, and dedicated healthcare professionals,” added Catalan.

In the nursing profession, it is imperative that these professionals equip themselves with knowledge, skills, and compassion needed “to provide exemplary care to individuals, families, and communities.” Envisioned to be a state-of-the-art facility, as is the trademark of Foundation University with its emphasis on technology and innovative pursuits, it will serve as “a hub of learning, collaboration, and discovery—a place where students will engage in hands-on simulations, cutting-edge research, and interdisciplinary collaboration.”

Beyond its physical attributes, however, as Catalan told the guests and the media who were present, “the building symbolizes our dedication to advancing the field of nursing and addressing the evolving needs of our society.” He underscored the unprecedented challenges in healthcare today, where the role of nurses has never been more critical, as they fulfill their responsibilities as “frontline warriors, advocates for health equity, and agents of change in our communities.”

As the College continues to nurture the present crop of student nurses even as it looks forward to welcoming more students in the next two years, the new facility will empower students to meet these challenges head-on as leaders in healthcare innovation, advocates for social justice, and compassionate healers.

It will provide them with the resources, support, and inspiration they need to make a meaningful impact on the lives of others. “As we turn the soil today, we envision the countless lives that will be touched, the barriers that will be overcome, and the boundaries that will be pushed,” Catalan expounded.

True to its mission of making education accessible to all, the university administration shares and supports this journey with a sense of purpose, determination, and hope.

As university president Dean Sinco articulates, “Facilities, equipment, and other essentials are part and parcel of maintaining academic excellence, in addition to a competent and qualified roster of faculty. Passing the nursing licensure examinations is something to be proud of. But, I’d like to find out how our breed of nurses fare in the workplace especially abroad. It would also be great if no professional, nurses and others, would leave to work overseas, but decide to stay and serve their country.” | NWI