Espino ‘eased out’ of Grupo Progreso


Bacolod City Councilor Al Victor Espino said he decided to leave Grupo Progreso after Mayor Evelio Leonardia told him during the political group’s meeting Sept. 3 that he had lost his trust in him.

The meeting of all members of Grupo Progreso was to discuss those who will remain in the group, and Espino said he did not expect that he will be told by their leader that he had lost his trust in him to be part of the team in the May 9, 2022 elections.

Former allies Bacolod City Mayor Evelio Leonardia, right, and Councilor Al Victor Espino

Espino said Leonardia told him, in front of the other councilors and Vice Mayor El Cid Familiaran, of his loss of trust in the former to be part of the team because of his attachment and closeness to a possible opponent.

He answered the mayor that it would be best that he will leave the group, Espino said.

He said he was saddened and depressed by what had happened and has no plans yet with regard the elections next year.

Espino said he will call for a press conference Sept. 6 on the matter.

NEGROS NOW DAILY tried to reach out to Leonardia for his comments, but to no avail. — MML