FU president cited for professional excellence


Foundation University president Victor Vicente “Dean” Sinco was recently conferred the Profesor Ad Honorem Vitasta Ambassador Distinction Honoris Causa by the Universite’ Henry Dunant of Abidjan, Ivory Coast for his “professional excellence and ability, inspiring and outstanding professional career, services to humankind, and international achievements”.

The conferral was done Sept. 9, in time for the academic opening rites of Foundation University, and was administered by Dr. Dave Saceda of the Saceda Youth Lead in Dumaguete City.

In his message to the students, faculty, and staff, Sinco reminded them what their sense of purpose is.

“When you’ve become very responsible persons in our society – not just in the Philippines, but somewhere in the world – one day you will, hopefully, remember us,” he said.

Also at the event was Vanessa Victoria Gaston-Copeland, faculty of the Department of Architecture and Fine Arts, where Sinco is chairperson.

Foundation University president, Victor Vicente Sinco

In her speech, Gaston-Copeland told the students not to be afraid to fail, and stressed that success is a product of one’s daily tasks even on ordinary days.

The deans, directors, and department heads were also introduced at the ceremony.

Coinciding with the event is the celebration of the Dal-uy Festival by the FU community at the Pantawan, Rizal Boulevard. The festival is an annual tradition of the university since 2005, adapted from Shinto-Buddhist countries.

According to Sinco, in certain Southeast Asian countries, one’s ancestors come back to visit every August, and floating lanterns are launched to honor them.

“In Hawaii, the festival is held on Labor Day where soldiers who died are honored,” Sinco added.

“We used to hold the Dal-uy on campus until we thought of bringing it to Rizal Boulevard. This is for our students to feel good about the coming academic year. They write down their hopes and wishes on recyclable, environment-friendly materials, and let them go afloat,” shared Sinco.

In a related development, a new supplemental collective bargaining agreement (CBA) between Foundation University and the Association of Teachers of Foundation University (ATFU) was signed Sept 16.

The CBA, which is in effect until 2024, provides a sizeable salary increase, among other benefits.

“We have been through hard times and it is just appropriate to reward everyone for their service and loyalty. So long as we base our actions on truth, honesty, and sincerity, we can have quick resolutions,” Sinco said.

Lawyer Samsodin Tahir, university legal counsel, said the process was unprecedented as it was the fastest negotiation ever.

“In fact, there was no negotiation, but an announcement from the university president. As I told the union, you just have to trust administration in this process because Dean Sinco cares,” Tahir shared.

Aside from the university administration and officers of ATFU led by Chiryl Aragona, also present were Atty. Nora Analyn Demeterio-Diego, regional vice-president of the Associated Labor Union Region 7; Felizardo Calimpong, district officer of ALU-Trade Union Congress of the Philippines; and, Edmar Patangui, ALU-TUCP.

Joining Sinco as university president and chairman of the Board of Trustees are members Christopher Isamu Sinco, Doram Dumalagan, J.R. Nereus Acosta, and Luis Leandro Sinco, with Jose Riodil Montebon as corporate secretary. | Cecile Genove