Feuding Yanson siblings resume `media war’

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The infighting among the Yanson siblings appears to be far from over. And observers and netizens are quick to say, “e teleserye na yan”.

Feuding sides of the Yanson siblings have resumed their “media war” in the early goings of 2021. They took a nine-month hiatus when the pandemic came into full view in the first quarter of 2020. And today, the “war” rages anew.

From left, Ginnette Yanson Dumancas, her mother Olivia Yanson, and brother Leo Rey Yanson. | Dolores Miranda Photo

Both camps – the matriarch Olivia and youngest son Leo Rey Yanson with sister Ginnette Yanson-Dumancas, on one hand, and eldest son Roy, brother Ricardo, Jr. and sisters Emily and Maria Lourdes Celina Yanson-Lopez, on the other – are again slugging it out as to who will produce timely and interesting press releases and media statements.

The local media seem to be the ever willing participant in the two-year drama that rocked the country’s biggest public transport company.

The camps of Leo Rey and Roy, also known as the Y4, held simultaneous but separate board meetings from Jan. 16 to 18, to assert their right to be at the helm of the Yanson Group of Bus Companies and its subsidiaries.

Youngest sibling Leo Rey Yanson was reelected chairman and president of the Southern Star Bus Transport Inc. on Jan. 18, as well as top honcho of Bachelor Express Inc. on Jan. 17, a press statement from his camp claimed.

The Yanson matriarch, Olivia V. Yanson, was also reappointed corporate secretary and treasurer of both the BEI and SSBTI.

Also reelected as board of directors of the BEl were Ginnette Yanson-Dumancas and her husband, Charles, Rey Ardo, Arvin John Villaruel, Anita Chua, Daniel Nicolas Golez, Herman Omecillo, Danny Lorenton and Alfredo Ligo Jr.

During the meeting of the SSBTI, Ginnette and Charles Dumancas as well as Arvin John Villaruel were also elected members of the board, including Leo Rey and their mother, Olivia.

On the other hand, lawyer Carlo Joaquin Narvasa, counsel of the Y4, also issued a statement that that Maria Lourdes Celina Yanson-Lopez was also elected chair and president of BEI, and Ricardo Yanson, Jr, also as president and chairman of the Mindanao Star Bus Transport Inc. in another stockholders meeting on Jan. 16 at Seda Centro Hotel in Cagayan de Oro.

Narvasa, who presided over the MSBTI meeting as a proxy for Ricardo Jr., also said in a statement, that the meeting was attended by stockholders representing 99 percent of the outstanding capital stock of the corporation.

Roy Yanson was also elected as vice presidents for operations; Emily Yanson, treasurer and CFO, Maria Celina Lourdes Lopez as corporate secretary with Anna Isabella Golez as her assistant and Carlos Joaquin Narvasa as vice-president for legal affairs. – GB