The presidential match

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Pacquiao dropped the bomb, everything was shook but here I am living.

As I was peacefully enjoying my nightly television leisure, a somehow bizarre, yet expected news susurrated in my ear: Manny Pacquiao spilled the tea and made the whole government system shook from foundation up.

Pacquiao pulled a lot of punches and has the guts and balls to call out and throw pretty hefty accusations at the Duterte administration. The boxer-turned-politician was one more addition to the many voices that have been lamenting the misuse of government funds, the unaccountability, and the racketeering in many government agencies. He has joined the chorus of voices from civil society, sectoral and mass organizations, business associations, journalists’ and lawyers’ groups, ordinary folk, and global corruption watch groups, such as Transparency International.

While rampant even in previous administrations, these practices have visibly worsened at the present. It is widely believed that the pandemic crisis has become another source of public sector profiteering.

Oh! It looks like the Fighting Senator is spitting facts, and it’s scalding hot.

But the president is having none of it. As is his habit of insulting anyone who disagrees with him, Mr. Duterte accused Pacquiao of ignorance, and using the issue for clout. The accusations were debunked and Pacquiao was casted as a liar. “I would expect him to sit in Congress. Do not go anywhere. Finish and find out the corruption that you are talking about. If you’re only going to report for a month or two, then I would say that you are a s—. A s— is a s—,” said Duterte.

Duterte throws shade, shadier than your local Acacia tree. He got back at Pacquiao with his ‘blabbering blubber mouth’ response.

If this was RuPaul’s Drag Race, our President will be given the shady edit, but unfortunately, this isn’t a reality TV. This is the reality, and both their actions are affecting the country.

With their childish demeanor and camps bickering like kids, there must be something that the eye can’t directly see.

Conspiracy theory: They are doing publicity. A negative publicity is still publicity. They are farming for attention for a somewhat upcoming event. Can you see my point? Well, I am just a little boy eating popcorn in front of my television, who am I to judge? Judges you while munching on my popcorn. Popcorns! They bring memories of boxing fights.

Would it be weird if they’ll just box to sort out their differences? As much as I love drama, this fight is too messy. Just box, punch away your frustrations; you’re now basically boxing with your accusations and banter as your jabs and blows. I do not condone violence but their match will be the next Latrilla in a Manila type of situation. Punching someone you hate in the face brings bliss, don’t ask me (I never did one).

But to seal this ordeal: If this is a major problem, it must be addressed immediately. It’s a nuisance. Both of them are public officials so they must act as men of word and dignity, not just bigots who love attention. No one’s gaining on one’s loses.

Man up! Use your time and effort in helping your fellow countrymen. Don’t waste it on paltry, tawdry, and futile tchotchke. The Philippines is not just about you two. Function so that you wouldn’t be a burden to the already dilapidated country. – NWI