Terrora assumes as NOHS principal


Josette Terrora assumed as principal of the Negros Occidental High School in Bacolod City, the oldest public secondary school in the province, Jan. 3.

She replaced Mario Amaca, who died last year due to COVID-19 complications.

In her acceptance speech, Terrora said she “humbly and earnest pray that she will be able to faithfully discharge her duties as principal of the prestigious institution.”

She is an alumna, and teacher of NOHS.

Josette Terrora holds the Seal of NOHS as she assumes as its principal Jan. 3.

She said her decision “to seize the opportunity to be back here never came easy. It ranged from being apprehensive, yet excited, from being nervous yet hopeful, and from being uncertain yet inclined to give it a try.”

“Being a school head of the oldest and famed public secondary school in the province, whose enormous achievements have been recognized across levels of the Department of Education, is an accepted challenge,” she added.

Terrora said she believes that excellence is both a way of life and a destination, and is a product of consistency and continuous learning.

“Thus, I will be needing all the help possible to help me grow where I am planted. I am convinced that my coming here goes beyond just taking a grip of this opportunity, rather, it is all about gratitude and respect for all those great men and women who have come before me and who have paved the way,” she stressed.

She reiterated the importance of cooperation from faculty members, students, and parents and vowed to exert her best as a public servant. | MML