SSS death benefits

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In January 2019, around 52% of all wage and salary workers worked in private establishments, all of whom are mandated to become SSS members. 

We will discuss the most frequently asked question by the surviving family of a deceased SSS member: What death benefit claims are they entitled to?

Question:     Mr. X works as an electrician for a private company.  During one of his

routine maintenance jobs, Mr. X was electrocuted and died on the spot.  He is survived by his spouse, Mrs. X, and three (3) legitimate children, ages 23, 18 and 15. 

Mr. X also has an illegitimate child, aged 12, from an illicit affair.

What are the available death benefits that the family of Mr. X may claim from the SSS?

Funeral Benefits

 SSS Funeral benefit ranging between PhP20,000 and PhP 40,000 pesos shall be paid to the person who actually spent for the funeral expenses of the deceased, as evidenced by receipts submitted by the person claiming it.

Death Benefits

Death Benefits may be claimed by the surviving family of Mr. X

Mrs. X shall receive a lifetime monthly pension, subject to SSS computation, PROVIDED, that Mr. X has made a minimum of 36 monthly premium contributions to the SSS prior to the semester of his death.

The lifetime efficacy of the pension shall be on the condition that Mrs. X shall not remarry or does not enter into any romantic relationship with another person.

In the event that Mr. X does not meet the minimum 36 monthly contributions, Mrs. X shall instead receive a one-time lumpsum amount.

The unmarried legitimate/legitimated and illegitimate children (not exceeding 5) of Mr. X, who are below 21 years old and not gainfully employed shall each receive a monthly SSS pension, equivalent to 10% of the monthly SSS pension of the surviving spouse, but shall be no less than PhP250.

This pension shall cease to benefit the child upon reaching the age of 21.

Additional benefits from the ECC

            Since Mr. X died in the line of duty, his beneficiaries are entitled to additional benefits from the ECC. 

            Mrs. X and the qualified dependents of the deceased are each entitled to a monthly income benefit, as determined by the Amended Rules on Employees’ Compensation of the ECC.

*Special thanks to Ms. J for providing the important details on SSS death benefits. * For more answers to your legal concerns, message me at