SRA approves 150,000MT sugar importation


The Sugar Regulatory Administration has approved “in principle” the importation of 150,000 metric tons of refined sugar, through Sugar Order Number 2, which recommends its importation.

In a statement, SRA acting administrator David John Thaddeus Alba said they will still have to draw up the mechanics covering the order, after consultations with all industry stakeholders.

Beverage companies like Pepsi Cola Products Philippines Inc., Coca Cola Beverages Phils. Inc., and ARC Refreshment Corporation, confirmed a shortage of premium refined sugar, a key ingredient in their products.

From left, new SRA appointees Pablo Luis Azcona, Ma. Mitzi Mangwag, and David Alba.

Acknowledging a shortage in refined sugar, Alba said “they are presently consolidating the data as to how much is really needed, so we can recommend to the President the necessary actions to take”.

“While we know that Coca Cola is in a critical place in their sugar needs, we would like to emphasize that Pepsi and RC Cola still have their available supply as per our records,” Alba added.

With the new members of the Sugar Board sworn into office early this week, Alba is asking sugar industry partners to allow the Board some time to address the issue, “based on established facts”.

When the Sugar Board was recently convened by President Ferdinand Marcos Jr., Alba said they were ordered to immediately come up with Sugar Order No. 1, regarding sugar allocation.

He said that the Sugar Board has recommended that all sugar for this crop year will be classified as “B”, or domestic sugar.

There will be no allocation for the US quota, Alba said, stressing that this will be subjected to thorough consultation with all industry stakeholders.

“We also came up with Sugar Order No. 2 which recommends the importation of 150,000 metric tons of refined sugar. While in principle this has been approved, we still need to draw up the mechanics covering this order after consultations as well.”/GB