Sagay Ata Community



The Treasures of Sagay Community Outreach Program, Inc. (TOSCOP) recently embarked on a meaningful journey to the Ata village in Barangay Puey, Sagay City to visit the Ata Indigenous People for Cultural Heritage Education Program.

The visit was part of the ongoing efforts to engage with and support indigenous communities by addressing their unique needs through various activities.

The activity began with a digital literacy talk for the Ata teens, led by Ialac Etorsaita, which was conducted in partnership with IMFACT NEGROS, a youth-led project under the Break the Fake Movement and the ASEAN Digital Literacy Program.

The session aimed to empower the youth by educating them on how to navigate the digital world safely and responsibly. The visiting group discussed the importance of discerning factual information from misinformation, a critical skill in today’s digital age.

More than 70 households and 100 children receive food packs and supplies from TOSCOP.
Parents and kids enjoy the fun and games.

“The teens were highly engaged, asking insightful questions and sharing their experiences with the digital world, which underscored the relevance of our efforts,” said Etorsaita.

In addition to the digital literacy talk, the group also organized a series of games that brought together children, teens, and elders from the community. These games were not just a source of fun but also fostered a sense of unity among the participants.

Teens learn about digital literacy from Ialac Etorsaita.

“It was heartwarming to see the children’s faces light up with joy and the elders participating enthusiastically, bridging the generational gap through simple, shared moments of happiness. We also shared food packs and hygiene products with the community,” Etorsaita said.

More than 70 households and 100 children benefited from these provisions. Each family received essential items, which the group hopes will help alleviate some of the daily challenges they are facing.

The distribution was carried out smoothly, with the help of community volunteers who ensured that everyone received their share. This visit holds to TOSCOP’s commitment to reaching out and making a difference in the lives of those who need it most. By addressing both immediate needs and providing long-term educational support, the group aims to empower the ATA Community to thrive in today’s interconnected world.

Etorsaita and TOSCOP founder and president Myrah Hapitan give out certificates to the digital literacy workshop participants

The day concluded with heartfelt expressions of gratitude from the community, reinforcing the belief in the power of outreach and support. It was a day filled with learning, laughter, and love, highlighting the essence of the mission at TOSCOP.

“We look forward to continuing our efforts and expanding our reach to support more communities in the future as we believe that the future is built on people-helping-people,” Etorsaita said. ||