Rabbit Cafe in Bacolod City


Are you looking for a unique eating experience? Look no further as MM’s Bunny Café is a place where you can hang out with rabbits and play with them while enjoying food or a drink of your choice.

These types of pet-themed cafés are popular in East Asia especially in South Korea. There are Dog Cafés and Cat Cafés but in Bacolod City you can find yourself hanging out in a Rabbit Café.

This is a unique experience especially to kids who are fond of animals. Not only they get to eat good food but at the same time get to learn the different breeds of rabbits.

Bonus: Their rabbits have won multiple awards on many shows across the country and they also have cuddly tiny hedgehogs.

MM’s Bunny Café is at No. 25 Ramylu Drive, Barangay Tangub, Bacolod City, beside the village gym, right in front of Palawan Pawnshop. It is easily accessible by public transport, taxi or private vehicle. Store hours are from 6 to 11 a.m. and from 1 to 6 p.m. You may also contact MM’s Bunny Café through Tel. No. (034) 454-7008.

Tips: Visit MM’s Bunny Café early in the afternoon to avoid crowding of customers. If you want to pet or interact with a rabbit, go there on the times where there are fewer guests.

They accept take-out or online orders through phone and FB page. Try their unique drinks such as Sakura and Cake Milkteas which you can’t easily find from other milktea shops in the city. – NWI