Philippine Ballet Theatre performs in Victorias for Nat’l Heritage Month


Victorias City celebrated the National Heritage Month with “Hiyas sa Sayaw”, a show brought by the Philippine Ballet Theatre (PBT) and performed at the Don Alejandro Acuña Yap Quiña Arts and Cultural Center May 26.

The world-class performance of the PBT showcased movements of Vinta, the iconic seafaring vessels of Mindanao, and the legendary Sarimanok of the Maranao people and the Philippine mythology.

Mayor Javier Miguel Benitez thanked the PBT and Filipino Heritage Festival Inc. for bringing the “Hiyas sa Sayaw” to Victorias.

The Philippine Ballet Theatre performed the “Hiyas sa Sayaw” show at the Don Alejandro Acuña Yap Quiña Arts and Cultural Center in Victorias City, Negros Occidental May 26, in line with the National Heritage Month celebration. | Victorias PIO photos

“You have never failed to inspire us, Victoriasanons, to promote and nurture our gifts as vessels of culture and arts, with your stunning dance performances and unique storylines that bring more life to our cultural heritage,” he said in a city press release.

He also announced that along with renovating the city’s cultural center, they will launch the Sidlak Performance Guild, which will bolster the Victoriasanon culture and arts by honing singers, dancers, and production and costume designers.

The mayor also expressed his appreciation to the local performers and artists, who showcased their singing, dancing, and acting talents during the pre-event show.

Benitez said he hopes to continue upgrading the culture and arts industry of the city and promised his relentless support to local talents.

The PBT, meanwhile, featured the Victoriasanon pride, Panamyaw Chorale, for the interval performance of the show.

Among the local talents who performed during the pre-event were the Barangay I National High School Pangarap Village Junior High, Victorias City Sidlak Chorale, Victorias Elementary School Rondalla, Sidlak Kadalag-an Folk Dancers, Tingog sang Kadalag-an singers, and the Sidlak Kadalag-an dancers.

Victorias’ city, barangay, and Sangguniang Kabataan officials, department heads, and Victoriasanons witnessed the “Hiyas sa Sayaw” show.

Filipino Heritage Festival Inc. president Armita Bantug-Rufino was among the guests during the show.

This year’s National Heritage Month is themed “Championing Heritage: Capacity Building to Transform Communities”. ||