‘One Negros’ RE campaign launch in Bacolod City today



Renewable energy (RE) stakeholders will launch today, July 10, the “One Negros: All for RE, RE for All” campaign in Bacolod City to “materialize the massive RE potential of Negros”.

The launching will be led by the Center for Energy, Ecology and Development (CEED) Philippines, Youth for Climate Hope, Konsyumer Negros, Bishop Gerardo Alminaza of the Diocese of San Carlos, Diocese of Bacolod-Social Action Center, Altertrade Foundation Inc., community leaders, and environment and RE advocates.

“Negros Island’s unique power situation makes it a hopespot for the first energy transition in the power sector in the Philippines,” the campaign organizers said as it took note of “local energy policies and a policy environment that is attractive for renewable energy players.”

SUPPORT FOR RE. Renewable energy stakeholders during a forum in Bacolod City initiated by the Center for Energy, Ecology and Development last month. The nongovernment organization will lead the launching of the “One Negros: All for RE, RE for All” campaign in Bacolod July 10. | CEED FB photo

These include the SecuRE Negros campaign of the provincial government of Negros Occidental to show the province’s “steadfast commitment to securing its energy future through the transformative power of renewable energy.”

The campaign underscores the economic, political, and environmental advantages of transitioning to distributed energy systems (DES) using RE sources, not only to champion accessibility, affordability, and sustainability but also to ensure power security in the face of global challenges, the Capitol had said.

It added that Negros Occidental is already a top producer of solar electricity in the country, and can become a model for sustainable energy practices. It plays host to five solar power firms operating six plants, with the solar farm in Cadiz City tagged as the largest in Southeast Asia, generating 132.5 megawatts of power.

Mayor Alfredo Benitez, during the visit of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. in Bacolod June 27, said that RE development in Negros is being accelerated.

“Negros is on the path to become the first island in the Philippines to be completely energized with renewable energy. The island has 665MW of installed generating capacity from renewables, such as geothermal, solar, and biomass energy, which is 95 percent of total installed capacity in Negros,” Benitez said, adding “this is more than sufficient (to meet the) peak demand of 463MW in the island.”

The One Negros campaign organizers, meanwhile, said that “with the island’s maturity with its renewable energy capacity, One Negros: All for RE, RE for All campaign will be launched to now materialize Negros’ massive RE potential.” | CGC