Your choice – to live or let die

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Lately, there had been news of so many deaths in my community – of people who are nearest and dearest to me – that I cringe with fear every time I hear the ping from my phone. And boy, do I hate that phrase “Here today, gone tomorrow”.

It seems to me that, suddenly, life has taken on a dark, doomsday feeling. It is not the carefree, meaningful life as we knew it before, but a “borrowed existence” that can be taken away from us without a moment’s notice. From pink, to gray, to black. And all because of that invisible, despicable enemy called COVID-19 and its many evolving forms, foremost of which is the aggressive Delta variant.

So far, the only alternative to being in the hospital or a rapid, excruciating death is to be vaccinated with anti-COVID vaccines. Getting these shots in two doses can help fortify the body from being fatally struck by the virus.

In the US, they have started rolling out booster shots (3rd dose) to seniors, especially those who are immuno-compromised.

This third shot is basically the same dose similar to your first and second shots, and is administered about six months after the second dose. They are given because antibodies of the initial vaccine tend to wane overtime and the booster will stimulate antibody production to prevent further infection.

That is such a far cry from this city which, up to now, has yet to report a good percentage of those who are already fully vaccinated. In fact, Bacolod City reports grim triple-digit cases of COVID infection daily – predominantly composed of unvaccinated individuals and compounded by those with preexisting morbidities.

And Bacolod has been recognized as a model city for its vaccination practices. What more of the other, “less efficient” cities?

Maybe, it is time for our health officials to reassess their distribution system and widen their vaccination centers to include not only barangay halls or malls but also hospitals, high school quadrangles, the bigger pharmacy stores, gyms, and other places with open spaces in order to accommodate everyone who needs the vaccine.

Why is it so hard to convince some people to submit to these vaccinations? One of the silliest reasons that I heard on the streets is that the vaccine will turn people into zombies. Seriously, that is like something out of the “Walking Dead” series which the uninformed should take with a grain of salt and an LOL.

If that is so, what about the millions of vaccinated people (including me!) who are still happily roaming the streets of the world without so much of a care? There are other weird assumptions but that’s all they are – weird, and so out of this world!

On the other hand, the “know-it-alls” (which, unfortunately, includes some highly-educated people and even frontliners) subscribe to the theory that the vaccines were approved for use too quickly without passing through the usual rigorous screening and a ton of data testing. Translation: concerns about side effects to the body which has not been observed yet because of rushed trial testing; genetic changes; mRNA. Completely paranoid?

But see, we cannot wait for the whole population to be wiped out before taking a chance on a remedy which, I’m sure, will not be approved for public use had it not gone through the same rigorous screening procedures at double the speed of normal because of the emergency.

Given now the chance for a cure, would you still opt out and choose imminent death rather than give yourselves a fighting chance of beating the virus?

What is wrong with you, people?

If you have a job now and that job requires you to be vaccinated or otherwise be fired, would you sacrifice your work for your misguided beliefs? By electing not to get the vaccine, you are endangering a neighbor, a friend, even your family. If you carry the virus without any ill effects or without being visibly affected by it, you could be asymptomatic and could become a super spreader, a threat to everyone in your path.

How can your conscience carry that guilt? By the way, as of now, getting fired from your job just because you weren’t vaccinated is discriminatory and illegal, but that’s another topic for another time.

It is sad, heart breaking, and utterly frustrating to campaign against a solid wall of indifference. Even with knowledge of their friends or loved ones who, on their deathbeds, have lamented that they should have taken the vaccines when it was offered to them, some people remain adamant and deaf to pleas of getting vaccinated.

Very well. Since it is next to impossible to reason with someone who has effectively shut his mind to doing what is right for the community and his fellowmen, making me think that they are absolutely brainwashed, let us stop right here.

Live your choice as I live mine, and I truly hope you would not regret it in the end. – NWI