The Molocaboc Island in Sagay



Molocaboc is an island barangay within the Sagay Marine Reserve (SMR) of Sagay City in Negros Occidental. It is known for the abundance of marine resources, and also its crystal-clear waters.

It is one of the best places within SMR – aside from the Carbin Reef – for swimming, snorkeling, diving, and bonding with families and friends in floating restaurants, where visitors get to gorge on fresh seafoods and other delectable dishes.

The surrounding waters are rich in biodiversity, with a variety of fish and coral species.

Molocaboc is divided into three areas, Daku and Diot, connected by a 1.2-kilometer concrete footwalk in the middle of the sea that residents can cross during low tides, and Matabas.

The crystal-clear waters surrounding Molocaboc island barangay in Sagay City. | CTTO photo
Visiting journalists relish the 30-minute trip to Molocaboc island.
Journalists enjoy the assorted seafoods and perfect weather while in a floating restaurant in Molocaboc. | GB photos

The path walk is submerged during high tide so people using it seem to be walking on water.

It is also home to giant jars that residents use in collecting rainwater.

The thick mangrove area that surrounds the island shielded the more or less 5,000 residents from the devastation of super typhoon Yolanda more than a decade ago, Molocaboc barangay chairman Rocky Pasaylo said.

A private resort will soon open at the neighboring Bantolinao islet, while a resort is being eyed at Molocaboc Daku, he added.

The island barangay, which is also near the Pamawaan sandbar, can be reached via a 30-minutes boat ride from the Sagay City Vito wharf. | GB