Suspended Capitol exec back to work

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Provincial Legal Officer Alberto Nellas Jr. yesterday confirmed that the 60-day preventive suspension of former Human Resource Management Office chief, Annabelle Palic, has ended.

Atty. Palic resumed her work at the Negros Cyber Center, where she had been assigned, after being relieved as HRMO chief.

The suspension came after Palic was formally charged before the Provincial Legal Office for alleged oppression, conduct prejudicial to the best interest of the service, grave misconduct, and for being notoriously undesirable, based on the complaints filed against her by retirees and the Progressive Alliance of Capitol Employees.

Nellas said the hearing of the complaints against Palic continues, adding that they already presented the first prosecution witness.

Nellas added that the complaint against former Provincial Agriculturist Japhet Masculino and two other employees, in connection with the two “under specs” grain dryers, was “simple misconduct”, based on their findings.

It is because there was no element of corruption, and the government has not suffered any damage, since no payment has been done, he added.

While it was already considered resolved, Nellas said they issued a stern warning against the two provincial government employees.

He added that the hearings on the two other complaints against Masculino, including the unpaid P1 million catering services and the 23 unfinished irrigation projects, are still ongoing. — GB