‘Salvage’ victim found

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The body of a man believed to have been summarily executed was found Monday, March 7 along a street in Canetown Subdivision, Barangay 19-A in Victorias City, Negros Occidental

Lt. Col. Eduardo Corpuz, city police chief, said that the victim, whose identity has yet to established, may have been only dumped in the area by the suspects.

Initial police investigation showed that the victim was hogtied and his head wrapped with a packing tape.

He succumbed to multiple injuries, with his two ears showing cuts.

The victim was wearing a black shirt, gray and blue-colored short pants and an HGL tattoo mark on his right shoulder.

Corpuz said that a placard was also placed over the victim’s body that read, “I Love Drugs”, as well as the name of a woman, being warned that she should be next.

The woman has already been located and was invited for questioning at the Victorias City Police Station, he added.

The police urged residents who have a missing member of the family to check the cadaver at a funeral parlor at Osmeña Street in Victorias City. – GB