Smiles Were Back!

  • Pastor Jose Roberto Ramos

Have you ever experienced that mini-heart attack of forgetting your phone at a convenience store? You already left the vicinity 5 kms. away and it has been 30 minutes. You thought to yourself that all is lost and you start panicking. But some gut feeling is telling you to come back for your phone, considering all the important messages, personal information, and contacts that are in there. And you made your way to what seemed to be a jungle abundant of what ifs, anxiety and giving up.

You stepped into the store looked at the store manager dead straight in the eyes. A moment of silence felt like eternity and he went on to say, “You left your phone, Sir. Here you go.” You figured a smile that could cure world peace.

The Lord Jesus was a precious friend and brother to many during His physical stay here on earth. A number of people have anchored their trust in Him. They expected a lot of things from Him. And, then, He was crucified and died during the Passover celebration in Jerusalem.

What could have gone through the minds of His loved ones the next day of such loss is a question that cannot invite any answer. The dining table might have a sad atmosphere.

Their gatherings might have been heavy. They could have not realized what Jesus meant when He said in John 2:19. He exclaimed, “Destroy this temple, and I will raise it again in three days.”

And that is exactly what had happened. The boulder rolled over. The linen fixed. Hope has erupted. Friends scattered proclaiming: “He is alive. He is back.”

Gone were the days when the dining tables were smirked with distraught. No one was no longer upset. Smiles were back. Joy was overwhelming everyone. Jesus was resurrected.

His teachings and miracles have been stamped as validated. No one could no longer deny the veracity of His divine nature. And that my friends, is one of the million reasons as to why when you put your trust in Him.

When you fix your gaze at Him. You know that His love will never fail. When He said that He has prepared a place for us in heaven, bank on it because that is true. May we be reminded of this week and celebrate Jesus in every aspect of our daily lives. ||