Progress for Negros


On November 11, 2000, the first issue of the Negros Weekly news-magazine came off the press.

Created to cater to the information needs of the Negrosanon community, the weekly publication managed to establish its own readership. With the support of local advertisers, it survived the years of challenges without missing a single issue week after week.

On its 20th year, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the Negros NOW Daily, the magazine-tabloid format of the publication, was launched. While the hardcopy of the maga-tabloid comes out thrice-a-week, the publication’s website,, keeps the Negrosanon community informed 24/7. A year later, the NND maga-tabloid transitioned into a regular tabloid format.

As the Negros Weekly marks its 21st year, and its twin platforms now a year older, the people behind the publication remain committed to the mission of delivering information to the Negrosanon community.

We will not draw a line between the Occidental and Oriental sides of the island. The Negrosanons are those who are from the Island of Negros, and the publication is adding its voice to the call of Progress for Negros.

There are bound to be more challenges ahead for the publication. There is the economic downturn triggered by the pandemic to navigate through, and the pressure of keeping up with technological advances given the limited resources of the company.

Nevertheless, the people behind the magazine, tabloid, and website are undaunted. The commitment to serve the people of Negros remains strong, alongside the blazing passion for journalism.

The publication is here to stay, determined to transcend generations. We will continue to deliver information in all platforms with the support of the Negrosanon community.|