GEN Z VIEWS | The New Year I’m praying for

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Compiled by AC Tupas

As what many people may claim, 2020 is a year of tough challenges. When people suddenly had their lives put on a pause due to a pandemic that overwhelmed the world, there were those who succumbed to the virus, those who were deprived of a loved one, those who lost a living, those who could barely survive. People had to step out what was once the norm and move toward a “new normal”. Many plans got cancelled, dreams hampered and opportunities lost.

The occurrences that transpired throughout 2020 left many in sorrow and despair. However, many people also still continue to envision recovering things ahead. As the year approaches an end and a new one unfolds, people hope and dream for betterment and progress.

NEGROS NOW DAILY solicited the thoughts of those belonging to Generation Z of the kind of New Year they are praying for.

Here are their thoughts:

As 2020 has been an anguishing year for humanity, I hope to meet the next year with twists and turns at the edge of the road. On the New Year’s Eve, I expect to hear not the consecutive grievous farewells, but the prosperous greetings of 2021. May the bullets of infliction, wrath and mischievousness be forfeited and the wretched souls be comforted. May every person be safely vaccinated against COVID-19 and the misery brought by it. I desire to behold a country where the competent officials continue to serve the people for the betterment, and those who are not will strive to be one.

The New Year that I am praying for is the one whose entrance signifies the immediate exit of the harrowing pandemic and the vanishing of vicious events around the world. With the grace of God, I am certain that every battle will come to an end.

Rialin Yasay, 18, Civil Engineering Student, University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos


The New Year that I am praying for is to have a healthy world – free of this pandemic and of this sick government. Second, good health and third, guidance over my future decisions.

Jude Angelo Gonzaga, 19, BS Chemistry Student, Technological University of the Philippines


New years do not really change the flow of the universe, but in hopes of another year that is about to unfold, another door to be opened – there are some things that cling to my crossed fingers as I pray before opening the knocking 2021. As we all know, the COVID-19 just had its birthday, and I pray it could gift humanity its absence, and for the world to heal and recover from its casualties especially to those who are grieving from the loss of their loved ones. Also, I pray for justice and progress for the Filipino people and our country.

For the entire year of 2020, we had gone through a rough roller coaster ride, and so I pray for justice to the victims of oppression, impunity and injustice. I also yearn for progress for a more inclusive culture, tradition, healthcare, education, and society as a whole. And lastly, I pray for the dreaming future of the society to be able to have bountiful opportunities and create productive progress toward their ambitions in life.

Colyn Kate Malaga, 17, Humanities and Social Sciences Student, Negros Occidental High School


For the upcoming year, I pray for the healing of the world wherein we can finally overcome the pandemic and let 2021 be a better year. I also yearn that we leave behind all the negative vibes, toxic stuff, and bad experiences as we transition to another year. I pray as well that we as people would stay strong and courageous despite different circumstances, troubles, pain, and obstacles.

More importantly, I pray for unity among people and also for public servants that God will give them heavenly wisdom to make good decisions in laws and policies that they enforce.

Dave Javellana, 20, Customer Service Representative, Panasiatic Solutions


The New Year that I hope for is a year filled with happiness, love, and health. I want to celebrate New Year’s Eve with my family and friends as we celebrate the experiences from 2020 and welcome the year 2021. This year has been such a tough year, not just for me, but for most of us.

After all the challenges and the personal battles we have faced, we should be grateful that we’re still here, stronger and wiser than last year. But what I truly wish is not just an amazing New Year’s Eve but an amazing new year ahead. I pray for a COVID-free world where we can go outside without masks and do a lot of things we were not able to do this year.

Eirine Juliane Granada, 17, HUMSS Student, NOHS


What I am praying for this upcoming New Year is for the world to finally get rid of COVID-19. I hope that people and their families will remain safe and protected. Above all, I pray that the world will not and never forget the Lord Jesus Christ for He is the only one that could help and guide us in overcoming this pandemic.

Benjamin John Mateos, 15, Grade 10 Student, Bacolod Christian College of Negros


2020 was a year of loss. We lost people whom we love, opportunities that we were hoping for, plans that we were excited for. But this upcoming 2021, it is going to be the year of healing. I pray that 2021 will be a year where a door is opened for more love, more opportunities, and more plans. I pray for love and goodness that will prevail over evil forces in our world. I pray for protection to those who are more vulnerable. I pray for blessings to those who are less fortunate. More than ever should we heal as one.

Oriene Hope Jereza, 20, Political Science Student, University of St. La Salle


The year 2020 was filled with unprecedented things and sadly, many of our fellow Filipinos have succumbed to the deadly virus. So for the year 2021, I’m praying that a vaccine that is proven by science and data will be made available for the use of the general public. Second, I’m praying that our medical front liners would remain healthy as they continue the fight against COVID-19 and that the necessary incentives and benefits will be properly given to them for their hard work and sacrifice.

Lastly, I’m praying that whatever conflict may arise during the incoming year would be resolved peacefully through our collective effort.

Gino Jumayao, 17, Accountancy, Business and Management Student, NOHS


I pray for a new year full of hope. It has been a hard year and with 2021 coming, I pray that a ray of light could shine and give us a small tinge of hope at least, that there is an end to these tragedies. I pray that this vaccine could really solve the problem of COVID-19. I pray that everyone would recover from all the calamities that passed. I pray that our economy could recover again. And I pray that the smile of the Filipinos that everyone loved would be brought back, much brighter than ever before.

Aphro Dite Miller, 19, BSEd English Student, Bacolod City College


What I have realized this 2020 is that I spent nearly my entire year quarantined at home with not much “outside world” interactions. As the pandemic continues, I believe we need to cope up with our “new normal” life and this alone is a great challenge. Now that we only have few more days until another year starts, I have so many wishes and hopes for what’s coming ahead.

I pray that the year 2021 will be the year of hope, of unity, and of opportunities for people. Also, I pray that whatever things or dreams we weren’t able to do this year will finally be fulfilled in the next one. In addition, my prayers include that things will be back to normal and that people will learn lots of lessons this year and apply what they have learned in the next year. I pray for a simple yet a very beautiful 2021.

Ryan Bisagas, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Student, STI West Negros University – NWI