Gasataya gets support from GP councilors

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Incumbent Bacolod Councilor Dindo Ramos openly expressed his continued support to Congressman Greg Gasataya despite the pronouncement of Mayor Evelio Leonardia and Grupo Progreso that they no longer believed in the neutrality of the solon.

Ramos, who is a relative of Leonardia and a GP member, said that because of their friendship, he will support Gasataya in his reelection bid in the May 2022 elections.

On Nov. 26, Leonardia and the GP held a press conference to announce that they had dropped the solon from their lineup, claiming that his avowed neutrality in the coming elections was a political deception and a sham.

On Nov. 30, Gasataya said “the political deception and sham thrown against me by Mayor Bing are false accusations.”

“Political color coding is too petty for such a hasty conclusion of political deception. For me, political deception is projecting that you honor my neutrality while your key political leaders on the ground are acting otherwise,” the solon posted on his Facebook page.

Gasataya, meanwhile, thanked Ramos for his continued trust in him.

He also said that several other GP councilors have called and told him that he is still their congressional candidate.

Gasataya added that, for now, he will remain neutral between the Grupo Progreso and Asenso Bacolod of former congressman Alfredo Benitez, who is challenging Leonardia in the mayoral race.

The camp of independent Bacolod congressional aspirant Dan Atayde earlier said that exploratory talks are ongoing for a possible alliance with GP. –MML