Francisco replaces Dongbo as WV reg’l chief


P/Lt. Gen. Rodolfo Azurin Jr. yesterday reshuffled almost all police generals occupying key positions, including P/Brig. Gen. Flynn Dongbo, regional police director of Western Visayas, more than a week after he was installed as the new Philippine National Police chief.

P/Brig. Gen. Leo Francisco is the new regional police director of Western Visayas, while Dongbo has been reassigned to the PNP Directorate for Logistics.

“The reorganization of personnel occupying key positions aims to provide opportunities and career growth,” said P/Brig. Gen. Roderick Augustus Alba, PNP Public Information Office chief.

The move will strengthen and empower strategic offices and units with the placement of more seasoned and experienced senior officers at their helms, to further hone the operational and administrative undertakings against criminality, enforcement of the law, and maintenance of peace and order,” Alba said in a statement.

Prior to his new position, Francisco served as the Manila Police District director. He will be replaced by Brig. Gen. Andre Dizon, who used to be the Aviation Security Group chief.

P/Lt. Col. Arnel Solis, PRO6 spokesman, said that the turnover of command ceremony between Dongbo and Francisco is yet to be announced.

Other senior police officers, who were previously assigned in Negros Occidental and given new positions, are P/Brig. Gen. Samuel Nacion – from the Integrity Monitoring and Enforcement Group (IMEG) to the Directorate for Investigation and Detective Management;

Maj. Gen. Alexander Sampaga – from the Philippine National Police Academy to the Office of the Chief PNP; Brig. Gen. Randy Peralta, from chief of the PNP Drug Enforcement Group to the Police Holding and Accounting Unit under the Directorate for Police Records and Management, and Brig. Gen. Jack Wanky, from the PNPA to the National Capital Region Police Office./GB