City traffic enforcer axed for receiving P50 in bribe

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Receiving a bribe of P50 costs a Bacolod traffic enforcer his job.

P/Maj. Junjie Liba, head of the Bacolod City Traffic Authority (BTAO), yesterday confirmed that he terminated the services of a traffic enforcer, after the latter admitted receiving a P50 bribe from a traffic violator.

The enforcer, who was hired by the Bacolod City government as a job order worker in July last year, was caught on video that went viral on social media while accepting a bribe from a motorcycle rider, who violated the traffic rules by not wearing a helmet.

Motorists in Bacolod City.

Liba added that the companion of the traffic enforcer, another JO worker, was reprimanded for not doing his job, although he was unaware of the bribery incident.

“Let this serves as a lesson to all traffic enforcers under BTAO,” Liba said.

The BTAO chief expressed dismay that the traffic enforcer, whose identity he has withheld, accepted the bribe that cost him his job.

“What he did was tantamount to extortion, as he violated Republic Act 6713, or the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for government employees,” Liba said./GB