Capitol: Mambukal Resort remains closed to the public


The Mambukal Resort in Baraangay Minoyan, Murcia will remain close to the public.

While resorts in some local governments units of Negros Occidental are already accepting guests, the provincial government is not keen on re-opening Mambukal as it does not want to encourage people to go out with strict health protocols still in place.

“Perhaps early next year, but we will look into the trend first,” Provincial Administrator Rayfrando Diaz said.

 The Mambukal Resort is being used as a healing center for COVID-19 patients, especially for provincial government employees.

          “I think it is really against the logic and science to open the resort where people are converging,” Diaz stressed.

          The Gawahon Eco-Park in Victorias City, which is now under the Modified General Community Quarantine status, is now open exclusively for its residents.

          The Lakawon Island Beach Resort in Cadiz City, is also open for day time tour only, while tourism-related travel is allowed in Sipalay City with restrictions and compliance of the mandated health protocols.

          “We want to open Mambukal to the public as soon as possible, as we want it to have an income, but we don’t want to take unnecessary risks and start an epidemic there,” Diaz pointed out.

          “For now, we just have to be satisfied with the fact that it is one of our healing centers and serves as a quarantine facility for our government employees infected by COVID 19,” Diaz added.