Benitez orders recall of PWD IDs


Mayor Alfredo Benitez ordered Feb. 5 the recall of identifications cards issued to persons with disabilities in Bacolod City, to ensure data security and concerns over the indiscriminate issuance of PWD IDs.

In Memorandum No. 030, Benitez tasked Alma Gustilo, officer-in-charge of the Department of Social Services and Development, to recall all PWD IDs issued by the DSSD office, effective immediately.

“The recall is essential to ensure data security, complying with updated regulations, addressing other relevant concerns regarding the PWD cards, including the indiscriminate issuance of PWD IDs, which has come to my knowledge,” the mayor stressed in the memo.

Mayor Alfredo Benitez shows a sample of a new person with disability identification card with QR code as he orders Feb. 5 the recall of all PWD IDs issued by the Department of Social Services and Development, effective immediately. | CGC photo

There are about 12,000 PWDs in Bacolod, as per records of the city.

This is also part of the City’s ongoing campaign to secure and streamline the processing of the IDs, Benitez said, adding that they will try to finish the distribution of new PWD IDs with QR code within the week.

He encouraged businesses to call the city and validate if the person who presented a PWD ID is in the city’s list of qualified beneficiaries.

Benitez said that with the recall, businesses granting discounts to PWDs under the law will have “no basis to validate the legitimacy of the IDs”, so the city will establish a hotline 24/7 for verification.

A special window will also be set-up at the Bacolod Government Center for the issuance of a temporary PWD document already with a QR code, he added. ||