Spook-tober 1

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Well, it’s that time of the year again! Time for some treats and tricks. Time to get spooky. Happy Spooktober, everyone!

I like good horror stories, especially stories that can keep me awake until the day’s light creeps into my room. These stories have always been my guilty pleasure; I love reading them but I do suffer from long sleepless nights.

As a child, my brain is easily influenced. I get that spooky feeling with a bare minimum effort. Turn off the light, this boy got scared. Jump scares? Honey, I’m dead. I’m a wimpy kid, who will literally pee on my bed because I’m scared.

I promptly remember, around this age, that oral horror stories are the best method of fright. Stories of pugot ulo, tyanaks, manananggals are some of the best well-known jeepers creepers that festered my childhood.

Speaking of childhood creeps, I want to share some of my favorite horror stories and urban legends.

“Uy ang school natin, dati palang sementeryo?”

One of the urban legends that I always have down pat on memory lane is the history of some schools. The premise is that some schools, especially those elementary schools, are once cemeteries. Back in the days of relentless wars, some lots were converted into mass burial sites for soldiers and civilians who died. Then the schools that we knew and loved were later constructed in those lots.

Yep, I vaguely keep in mind that my past elementary school has, literally, a mausoleum; that reinforced my belief about that urban legend.

I did believe that this legend is true because of the first-hand evidence I saw. There’s a tangible confirmation and, until now, that mausoleum still stands. These were all when I was young, but, thinking about it now, I do believe it’s true – schools were once cemeteries, and remain as cemeteries.

I’ll say this loosely, so take this with a grain of salt. Schools became cemetery; they hold the lifeless forms of our dreams.

Most of a child’s dreams are crushed during our school days, to be specific, elementary days. There are teachers, who will step on your dreams and pulverize them; attacking your own ego and belittling you. I’m not saying that all teachers are gonna crush your dreams. In fact, some of them will help you achieve it; however, some are blinded by the too much-ness of one’s profession. Nefarious purposes arose, and favoritism aroused, creating imbalances in the equilibrium.

Was that a stretch? It might be, but it wasn’t that far from reality. I’ll say this with experience to back me up. Some teachers do really lean on favoritism, and while pushing the narrative, some students can’t take it. It’s sad.

That’s the true horror. Not all who are required to help you will help you; sometimes, they are the ones who will drag you down. No hate, just peace.

But well, who am I to judge? I’m just a simple boy using my voice to raise awareness that reciprocates as rants and raves. – NWI