Some important things to remember this Christmas


Christmas is usually the time of the year that everyone is so busy. Traffic is very bad because of the shopping spree. We also transfer from one Christmas party to another.

Amidst the busyness of Christmas, we should remember to pause and reflect. Like what happened to Martha and Mary when Jesus came to their house. Jesus told Martha, who was distracted on so many preparations in the kitchen, that Mary has chosen what is better, and that is to be in the Lord’s feet and listen to the teachings.

So, what are the important things to remember this Christmas?

First, remember that family is important.

Matthew chapter 1 tells us of the genealogy of Jesus. It listed down many generations. How about us? Can we remember our ancestors and learn from what they have done? Are we passing on the legacy that they have started?

Joseph and Mary were forced to go back to their ancestral place because of the census. It fulfilled the prophecy that Jesus will be born in Bethlehem. But not besides that, it also reminds us the importance to visit our family and loved ones, and tell them that they matter in our lives.

Second, remember to be ready to accept the unexpected from God.

The Christmas characters were actually surprised by God’s revelation but they ultimately obeyed God. Mary did not expect to be the mother of Jesus. But she accepted the message of Angel Gabriel as a willing servant.

Joseph did not expect that Mary was pregnant. He accepted God’s revelation through a dream and married Mary. The shepherds did not expect to receive the good news that the Messiah was born. But they obeyed God and visited Jesus in the manger.

The Magi traveled a long journey expecting that the King of kings will be in the palace. But they accepted the prophecy that led them to the birthplace of Jesus.

What are the things that God brought to you unexpectedly? Trust that God will do something good in your life. Be ready to continue in receiving God’s mysterious ways. | NWI