Lucio L. Co: Entrepreneur and philanthropist


As one of the highlights of the 2024 Bacolaodiat Festival, Filipino-Chinese tycoon Lucio L. Co has been named the “adopted son of Bacolod” and conferred the title of honorary mayor in a ceremony held at the Bacolod City Government Center on Saturday, Feb. 10.

The twin honors bestowed on Mr. Co is in recognition of his “significant contribution to the business and investment landscape of the City of Bacolod and exemplary yet low-keyed lifestyle worthy of emulation,” according to the Bacolaodiat Inc. (BI), an association of the Filipino-Chinese community that   leads the Chinese Lunar New Year celebration in Bacolod.

“Through his various businesses, he has helped thousands of Filipino workers by creating job opportunities through his retail empire; he is also a proponent of scholarships in various schools, thereby uplifting the lives of our less fortunate yet talented youth through education,” Mayor Alfredo Abelardo Benitez said in a letter-request to the City Council to declare Mr. Co as the honorary city mayor.

Filipino-Chinese tycoon Lucio L. Co

Indeed, Mr. Co is a driving force propelling diverse business sectors to unparalleled heights most notable of which is being the current chairman of the Board of Directors for Cosco Capital Inc. and the Keepers Holdings Inc.

He is also the chairman of the Board of Directors of Puregold Finance Inc., Puregold Realty Leasing and Management Inc., Clean Green Energy Corp., Grass Gold Renewable Energy Corp., Forbes Corp., Pamana Water Corporation, among others.

As an entrepreneur for the past 50 years, he has received distinguished awards, including the Patron of Micro-Retail Entrepreneurship awarded by The Philippine Retailers Association in 2016, Gawad Lakan ng Kalakalan (Business Leader Award) conferred by the Employers Confederation of the Philippines in 2014, and Most Outstanding Manilan-Recognition from the City Government of Manila in 2012.

He was also given the title “Chevalier dans I’Ordre du Merite Agricole” by the President of the French Republic for his remarkable contribution to strengthening ties between the Philippines and France in 2017.

Mr. Co’s story is rooted in a humble beginning that transcended into significant business milestones and his commitment to social responsibility reflects a leader who embodies the values of determination, and an unwavering pursuit of excellence. Through philanthropy, community development, and social initiatives, he exemplifies the heart and soul of a true corporate steward.

Truly, his impact in the name of business is not merely transactional but transformative.

In expanding his entrepreneurial footprint, Mr. Co’s vision recognizes the importance of accessibility, ensuring that quality goods and services are within reach, making it inclusive to every Filipino.

But his legacy doesn’t end there. It extends to the heart of his business – its people.

For the people of Bacolod City, Mr. Co’s pivotal role as the chairman of S&R Membership Shopping will significantly impact the local economic growth and development as another S&R store opens its doors in the city this year.

His continued commitment is also evident through his current role as chairman of the board at Bacolod Real Estate Development Corp., specifically in the development of the port at the Reclamation Area. ||