I am building a cathedral


Last Friday, May 31, our students received their awards as honor students and graduates. The affair was graced by the presence of DepEd Supervisor Ludivina Joy Reyes, ASMEPPS’ President Prof. Eloisa Olivera, COO Dr. Santos Castillo and MOS BOT Evelyn Camilon, Erika Rowena Deferia, VP for Internal Affairs Osmund Deferia, President Dexter Midas Deferia and Chairman of the Board China Marie S. Deferia.

Marie Osmund School has been in the education sector since 2008 under Mizpah Community Academy Foundation educational program. With 38 students, MOS started its preschool program until its permit to operate from preschool to elementary was granted in SY 2010.

From a humble beginning of a makeshift playhouse classroom in front of the house of its directress, China Marie was able to build a 4-storey building in 2012. The building houses the elementary department while the preschool remained at the old spot two blocks away.

The fast growth of MOS could be attributed to its dedicated teaching approach, a mix of traditional and Montessori-style.

A non-sectarian which provides Christian value education, students of MOS have been battle tested through various inter-school competitions they joined in, since 2008. Most participants in these competitions are national, regional, and division champions during ASMEPPS year round events.

The improvement of MOS facilities attracted parents to enroll their children in an atmosphere where they could freely express their love for arts, academics, and sciences.  Part of its expansion plan is to build a new facility that will house the high school department.

Had it not been for the pandemic, a MOA between MOS and Vibal Publishing to provide financial aid for the construction of the building would have been realized. The pandemic has halted its growth, but enrollment at MOS steadily increases from 2022 and onwards.

The humble and small but terrible China Marie would stop at nothing until the goal is achieved. Other than managing the school, part of her time is spent on humanitarian works being the president of Saint Francis of Assisi 104 Lions Club for two terms now. With the help of her co-lions, she crosses mountains, oceans, and air to bring help to those neglected by the government.

The daughter of a musician, she made sure that students are given the right push to discover and nurture their God-given talents. Some of the students, who were winners in the competitions, are currently experiencing the same glory they had in their elementary days.

Starting everything from scratch, without hesitation and fear and the desire to reach one’s dream, China Marie left a secured job and started her own school in 2008. People were congratulating her today because of this achievement. Behind the scene, there were countless nights of tears of defeat and joy.

What people see is the only tip of the iceberg.  The struggles and challenges beneath, unseen to the ordinary eyes, are God’s way to strengthen the dreamer and turn the dream into reality.

To end this article, I would always remember the man who was asked what he was doing with the rock. His answer was, “I am building a cathedral”. ||