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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought drastic routine changes to the world’s population.

Social isolation, one of the recommended practices to curb the spread of the disease, led to the development of several problems: depression, stress, apathy, and loneliness, to name a few.

As days darken due to the pandemic, a ray of light glimmered and paved the way back to nature, to PLANTS. These little living creatures became the raves and craves of society. From simple green ornamental plants to giant variegated shrubs that reach tremendous height, we can say that there is more once you started.

I myself got caught on this net of plant-o-mania, and to be honest, I have no plans of getting out. It’s quite therapeutic and calming to look upon your collection. From the range of colors of aglaonema to varying lengths of philodendron, each thing is eye catching.

But as my collection grew bigger, my expenditure also cultivated. I started spending money on buying plants under P100 to spending more than 3 digits on just one plant. Isn’t that absurd?

For me, it is not. Spending on things you like is totally normal. But you know what’s not normal? Us destroying our ecosystem by being a plantito or plantita.

It was just a hobby until alien species entered the market. As we collect plants that are endemic in our lands, the number of species became smaller. With numbers decreasing, collectors almost amassed all varieties of plants that are endemic in this locality. Take this into consideration: Begonias.

Begonias started hitting the market in the midst of the pandemic. Endemic varieties ruled the market, but as time ran towards the end, their reign crumbled into dust. Almost all of the varieties are now gone into the hands of plant parents. This shortage led to people importing varieties that are not confined, cue for Holland begonias to enter into the mix.

Holland begonias attracted a lot of plant connoisseurs due to their vibrant colors and titillating hues. They were the rave of the town even though they’re pricy. Everyone wants to get their hands on them.

However, with the introduction of foreign species, the lives of local varieties are now on the brink. These alien species will fight the locals in order to thrive and survive.

It was all fun and games until we started to threaten our local species. Isn’t the main goal of plant parenthood to care for plants? Then why are we adopting plants that pose danger to our own?

Think about this, it is okay to collect plants as long as we continue to balance our ecosystem. Mountains and forested areas should not be pillaged. The introduction of species that pose danger to our own must be avoided, and better stopped.

It is our duty to become responsible, a responsible plant parent.

Plants are like humans, too. They feel what we feel; they comfort us and make us happy. Take care of them as you care for the environment, you may never know that the plants that you are holding might be the last of their kind. – NWI