A matter of life and death

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What does it take to jar you out of your comfortable, monotonous, daily existence? Does it have to be hair-raising, explosive, or dramatic in order for you to force your sluggish body out of its complacent posturing?

For me, it took the sudden death of a most loved, favorite nephew to realize that life can be spiteful at times. It can deal you a mean blow at a time when you least expect it. And it can be unforgiving and merciless.

People always say that only the good die young. My nephew’s life was cut short by a massive heart attack, at an age when he was most active, productive, and full of energy. That is why it took so long for me to accept that someone so vibrant and strong can die just as suddenly.

I felt helpless all of a sudden because it was always my nephew, who would respond to my call when I needed anything to be done. If I wanted bills to be paid, he was only too willing to go to Ceneco or Prime Water or Sky Cable to do it. If I need groceries or have cravings for something, he will have no qualms about getting it for me. If I needed something repaired in the house or to check the car, he was always there to do it. All with a cheerful smile and never a word of reproach. How can you not miss someone like that?

But with my nephew’s sudden passing also came the realization that we should never take life for granted. That we should stop all the negative attitudes and emotions that slow down our enjoyment of life.

Maybe, for the young who think they have all the time in the world, this is all nothing but rhetoric. But don’t you sometimes have gazillion things to do and feel that you will never have enough time to see them through?

Up until our early 20s, we attended school then got assimilated in the workforce to pursue careers or ambitions. In the meantime, we take on a family and retire by the time we are in our 60s. Sometimes, we find ourselves asking “where did the time go?” What happened to our dreams and our quest for excitement and carefree living?

Yes, life is too short to waste. Don’t wait until you’re ready. Do whatever you want, whatever you plan to do, wherever you want to go – NOW. Because every second that you miss is a second gone by. Seconds that will never come again.

On the other hand, don’t think of death as a monster. Death can also be beautiful and comforting. To some, it offers a peaceful oasis after a hard life of horrendous suffering, or of extreme pain.

If you really think about it, every moment that we spend on earth is a preparation for our inevitable ending. We just don’t know when that will come but it definitely will.

For now, it’s best that you use your time wisely and enjoy what life has to offer. Be the best version of yourself so you can leave this earth without any regrets.

Rest in God’s heavenly embrace, my sweet and gentle nephew – Jose Lemmuel P. Maghari, +3.31.22. – NWI